Medicinal cannabis is used to treat an array of common conditions. Usually, using medical cannabis benefits users with both physical and mental relaxation. It also helps in relieving painful symptoms, boosting appetite, and ensuring better sleep quality.
There are two main varieties of medicinal cannabis, and each offers a different array of benefits. So, you must understand how each strain is genetically distinct from the other and have different impacts.


Cannabis Sativa

Cannabis Sativa plant is pretty thin and quite tall. It has narrow leaves. Cannabis sativa plants are usually light green in color. Sativa strains need a fair bit of light and quite a lot of time to mature into a plant. They also require more light. Cannabis Sativa is for daytime use.
Here are the significant traits of cannabis Sativa medicinal strains:

  • Anti-anxiety, and anti-depressants

  • Boosts creativity and focus

  • Boosts serotonin that regulates anxiety, appetite, learning, mood, and sleep.

  • Heals chronic pain

Cannabis Indica

To find out how a cannabis Indica plant looks like, you need to look out for something bushy, with broad leaves. They are short in stature. The Indica plants grow at a fast pace and produce more than Sativa. It is for nighttime use.
Here are the main qualities of cannabis Indica medicinal strains:

  • Boosts appetite

  • Boosts dopamine that is responsible for controlling the pleasure centers and the brain’s reward

  • Decreases acute pain and nausea

  • Relaxes muscles


Hybrids, as the name suggests itself, is a combination of Indica strains and Sativa. They are typically grown on farms and greenhouses. How the plant appears relies on the combination of parent plants used to create a hybrid.
Most of the hybrid cannabis plants are cultivated to boost the THC percentage, but each of the types possesses a unique ratio of both cannabinoids. Whether to use hybrid at daytime or nighttime depends on the impact of the hybrid. Producers and farmers strive for new and unique strains using different combinations of parent plants every year. These hybrids are mostly produced to create specific impacts.

There are three basic categories of hybrids:

Sativa-dominant – also called Sativa dom or balanced. These are used to create a cerebral high with a soothing and body relaxing effect. It provides both physical and mental relief to the users. Sativa dom strains include Glass slipper, Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Skunk.

Sativa-Indica – also called Indica- dom. These strains could provide users with full-body pain relief as well as a relaxing mind. It is usually used at noon or night and is good for sleep. These strains are ideal for patients who have autoimmune diseases or depression or insomnia. Sativa-Indica includes Brownie Scout, Dark Blue Dream, and Kosher Tangie.

Even Hybrids – There are also hybrids, which are ideal strains for people who want body and mind relaxation. The strains include Blueberry Headband, Pineapple Express, and Super Silver Haze.
Cannabis producers select these hybrids for their unique impacts. Hybrids soothe the nerves while lessening anxiety and stress symptoms. Also, it relieves the symptoms of radiation and chemotherapy.