Licensed producers are companies who possess a license to grow/and/or sell legal, medical cannabis. They fall under the category of Authorized Licensed Producers and approved by the federal department for public health, Health Canada.
You should buy medicinal cannabis from licensed producers only. Across Canada, you will find dozens of them. To make things easier, we bring you the top 5 licensed producers of Medical Cannabis in Canada:


1. Broken Coast Cannabis

Broken Coast is located on the scenic British Colombian west coast. They grow excellent quality cannabis maintaining the highest standards while sticking to all the necessary environmental protocols. Also, they pride in making their bud as natural as possible.
The company offers excellent flat rate shipping prices. Broken Coast got its license in 2014. The licensed producer was acquired Aphria earlier this year. Aphria plans to increase the production of Cannabis from 4,500 kg per year to 10,500 kg.

2. Canna Farms Ltd.

Canna Farms is located in Hope, British Colombia, and provides patients with an array of cannabis oils, which include high CBD and 1:1 CBD to THC options. Canna Farms was the first cannabis producer in British Columbia who was garnered an ACMPR license. Since then, the team has been striving to produce high-quality cannabis and that, too, at pocket-friendly rates.
Recently, VIVO Cannabis acquired Canna Farms with the new name of ABcann.

3. Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc.

The company was founded by a duo of father and son in 2013. The licensed producer has evolved into a business of more than 50 people. Delta 9 Bio-Tech is committed to the cause of growing a small batch of hand-trimmed medical cannabis. They grow their cannabis in Grow Pod systems technology. Including high CBD options, Delta-9 is presently growing about 20 different genetics in rotation. The company has recently proclaimed to boost its production from 1000 kg per year to 17000 kg by 2020. They also plan to create 300 new jobs in between.

4. Aphria

Aphria is a renowned name amongst the licensed producers of medical cannabis in Canada. Aphria was founded in 2014 by John Cervini and Cole Cacciavillani. Since then, this giant has acquired many small brands and expanded its business on an international level.
Aphria provides patients with cannabis capsules, oils, and vaporizer cartridges.

5. Tilray

Located on Vancouver Island, Tilray is another known licensed producer in Canada. Founded in 2013, Tilray supplies some of the best quality cannabis. The company is experimenting with genetics to produce the best medicine for their patients with the assistance of PhD botanists in a sprawling facility.
Tilray offers patients with cannabis capsules, flowers, oil as well as high CBD options. They provide medical accessories like vaporizers as well.


Here are the names of other available Licensed Producers in Canada.


7 Acres

As the name suggests itself, this producer houses itself in a 7-acre greenhouse. 7 Acres is based in Kincardine, Ontario. The company acquired its license to produce cannabis in 2016 and is owned by a cannabis company, Supreme. The facility grows great quality buds using the latest technologies.

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc.

CanniMed came into existence in 2013 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The company was founded to provide easy access to trusted medical cannabis to Canadian patients. The parent company, Prairie Plant Systems, was the only supplier of medical cannabis to Health Canada since 2000.
CannidMed is committed to the purpose of offering high-grade pharmaceutical cannabis to the chronically and terminally ill patients. They have cannabis oils, capsules, dried flowers, and topicals. CanniMEd was recently acquired by Aurora.

Emblem Cannabis Corp

Emblem Cannabis Corp cultivates cannabis for medicinal use. They have recently built a custom-designed facility for the purpose. The facility has a regulated environment that is specially designed by Argus controlled system.
Emblem offers dried flower and cannabis oils. They also offer accessories such as vaporizers and Levo infuser.

Green Relief Inc.

The only licensed producer of medical cannabis through aquaponics, Green Relief is located in Ontario. Aquaponics is known to be the most sustainable and creative means of agriculture. The company uses 90% less water than traditional agriculture. It offers a wide range of products, which include dried flower strains, oils, and vaporizers.
The company uses fish as fertilizer ensuring healthy plans devoid of harmful chemicals. As the name explains, the company uses green energy and energy-saving LED lights.


Founded in 2013, the company is a local favorite. Hydropothecary has garnered numerous awards for its top-shelf quality cannabis, which is grown without using any pesticides but in the sun and advanced greenhouse technology. Located in Quebec, the licensed producers grow 3600 kg per year and plans to expand to 108,000 by 2019. It offers an expansive selection of cannabis products.

MedReleaf Corp

Aurora acquired MedReleaf recently for USD 2.5 billion, the biggest cannabis deal to date. MedReleaf is the first and only ISO 9001 certified cannabis producer in North America. The company is committed to research and development, scientific creativity, and patient care. It also is advancing in understanding the therapeutic impacts of cannabis.
They offer crumble, dried flowers, oil, and soft gel capsules to patients.

RedeCan Pharm

Nestled in Niagara Escarpment, RedeCan is a family-owned business with an experience spanning over three decades. Their cannabis is naturally-grown in greenhouses. The company offers dried cannabis strains that also include high CBD and high THC strains.

THC Biomed

Established in 2014, THC Biomed is located in Kelowna, British Columbia. It was the first producer to get regulated by Health Canada. The company is eco-friendly and specializes in clone distribution for patients so patients can grow at home. They offer patients a wide selection of medical genetics, including dried flowers and live plants.

United Greeneries

United Greeneries, located in Vancouver Island, specializes in genetic fixing to create the best cannabis medicine. It grows the highest quality cannabis through natural means. The company provides patients with flowers and milled cannabis.

WeedMD Inc.

WeedMD Inc. is a famous producer among medical cannabis patients residing in Ontario. The company is known for its excellent prices and customer services. WeedMD sells customized cannabis blends to target the patient’s unique symptoms effectively.
The company operates two cultivation centers and offers a wide range of cannabis products to the patients. These products include dried cannabis flowers and oil. WeedMD also offers patients with live cannabis plants as well as accessories to help with consumption such as grinders.
The company also educates seniors and doctors regarding the health advantages of medical cannabis.